About me

A journalist, filmmaking producer, and a UX/UI designer

Hey, I am Mayra! A UX/UI Designer based in Brazil. I started my professional story as a journalist, passionate about art and technology.


Then, because I love new challenges, I worked as a filmmaking producer and did much freelance work in all kinds of different areas, from photography to cooking.


When the pandemic hit us, in 2020, I felt the need to think again about my career, where I would want to go, and what I would like my future to be like.


Technology has always been present in my personal life, but in 2021 it showed itself as a new career opportunity. UX design matched my previous knowledge in journalism and filmmaking production with my will to develop something new: creativity, technology, information, and the opportunity to change people's lives for the better.


It hit me as such a great insight, so I couldn't ignore it. Here, on my portfolio, you can see some of my best work. But feel free to contact me on Linkedin or via email, I'd love to get feedback or talk about opportunities!