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Papelaria para jardim de infância
The Project
In this project, our challenge (me and two more colleagues) was to find an owner of a local business that we had access to, and we should build desktop e-commerce.

To do that, we had to understand holder's needs and expectations for the future of the business.


duration: 1 week

tools: Figma

Suzana's LS Stationery is localized in São José do Rio Pardo - SP. Her daughter increased their family business during the pandemic through contact via Instagram, so having a website can help her company grow.

In addition to stationery, the main focus of LS Stationery is the production of customizable items, such as souvenirs and business cards.
The main goal of our stakeholders having an online site was to:
- grow digitally

- increase profitability
- optimize the business - hire people and invest in digital tools, such as marketing, for example
Blueprint and Interviews
Card Sorting, site map, and user flow
That was my first time using card sorting during an online test.
The experience was fun and very insightful. Despite everyone having a different opinion, there is a collective sense of what to find in stationaries shopping online.

After that, we quickly create a base for the site using the ''site map'' tool.

User flow helped us to get clarity on the buyer/user
How to create an easy, organized, intuitive website that still managed to deliver a big stock?
Final Product
image 2e-commerce1.jpg

1 - Carousel or slider to show products according to seasonality, for example, Christmas. So customers can choose what matches better with their business at the time

2 - top selling products

3 - most wanted professions

4 - ''DropDown menu'' to view the wide variety

image 1tag.jpg
That was not our very best UI work, but it helped a lot to understand a real case problem with an actual establishment and real Stakeholders. 
Click here to see the page on Figma (in Portuguese).